Final leg

We are now into the final 3 months of the project and everyone is busy finishing off their respective investigations. It looks like most of the team will be continuing with the work they have been doing during the project once we finish at the end of March. Annette and Chris gave presentations at the e-Learning Showcase at Bradford yesterday and both indicated that audio feedback to students would continue to be used after the project had ended. Claire’s students on the distance learning Dementia Masters course have each been given a mp3 voice recorder to record reflections of their practice and we are looking forward to getting there feedback on this.

Both Mary and Abigail at Hertfordshire are starting to wrap up their work. It has been interesting to see how things have evolved at Herts as the project has progressed and I suspect that, once we come to analyse the data, we will have some interesting findings and a stimulus for further study.

Apart from finishing of each of the project investigation, collecting and analysing the data is going to be the major task between now and the end of the project. Yoeri, our Project Researcher, has been busy doing focus groups, telephone interviews and data analysis over the past few months.

ASEL and HEA Engineering and GEES Subject Centres

As part of our project dissemination we were invited to bid for some additional funding by the HEA Engineering and Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences Subject Centres back in July. This funding came from the JISC Widening Stakeholder Engagement call under the EMERGE UIDM project. This bid was successful and a call went out on the HEA Engineering Subject Centre website inviting departments to take part in the project.

There is funding to support up to 6 workshops and these will be used to demonstrate what we have been doing with regard to the use of audio to support teaching and learning.